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Types of Massage

Swedish: A light massage that facilitates relaxation.


Deep Tissue: A deep massage that breaks up old muscle fiber to allow it to have more ease.


Vibrational Healing: A clothes-on massage that works primarily with the joints to create a higher range of motion and more ease with movement.

Hot Stone: The heat from stones penetrates deep into the recipients body to deeply relax the muscle and to get the fluids flowing in the area where the stone is placed.  This is combined with other styles of massage.

Lymphatic: The lymph system in your body acts as a secondary circulatory system that clears the body of toxins. This type of massage helps to clear congestion of that system.

Foot Rehabilitation: A clothes-on massage that, over the course of several visits, has the potential of clearing things such as hammer toe, bunions and calluses.

Energetic Cranial Sacral Balancing: This style works on the energetic level to create balance with the cerebral spinal fluid.


Reiki: A clothed non-invasive hands on treatment using universal life force to support your personal healing journey. This is a treatment that anyone can receive no matter what their health state, age, or what would otherwise be a contraindication to massage.


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